Urgent Behavioral Health Care offers a variety of services to support patients ages 17 and up with chronic mental illness.

Outpatient Psychiatric Care

We offer initial psychiatric evaluations and treatment plans for new patients, along with ongoing treatment and medication management for existing patients.


Telepsychiatry offers a safe, convenient option for our patients. With an internet connection, a device such as a smartphone or laptop and an app (FaceTime for Apple devices or Google Duo), patients can securely connect online with their care provider at their scheduled appointment time. Telepsychiatry appointments include new evaluations, medication management, emergency visits, and counseling. For any appointment, patients have the choice of meeting in person or remotely during regular business hours on weekdays and Saturdays.

Capacity / Disability Examinations

The staff at UBHC offers both capacity examinations to assess a patient’s ability to make decisions and care for themselves and disability examinations for military veterans for mental health disabilities such as PTSD incurred in the line of duty.

Inpatient Hospital Care for Adult and Geriatric Patients

Psychiatrists at UBHC are credentialed to provide patient care for adults at local inpatient hospitals. In addition, we provide inpatient psychiatric consultations at area hospitals. Call 210-591-1615 for more information.

Hospital Discharge / Transitional Care

The transition from inpatient or emergency care is a critical time for people with mental illness. Care given during this time can mean the difference between recovery or re-hospitalization. Discharge patients get priority treatment at Urgent Behavioral Health Care. Physicians at inpatient facilities can call us 24-hours a day to schedule their patient’s follow-up care.

Individual, Couples and Family Therapy

Better relationships — whether with your partner, your family or yourself — are within reach. The highly trained team at UBHC provides a range of therapeutic counseling services to support the emotional well-being of our patients. In addition, when medication is necessary, our physicians and nurse practitioners can help.

Geriatric Psychiatry Services

Older adults face different needs and challenges, such as the death of loved ones, isolation and lifestyle changes, changes in memory function and managing multiple medical issues and medications. All of these situations can be improved with care tailored to older adults. The staff at UBHC includes board-certified geriatric psychiatrists specially trained to help diagnose, treat and manage multiple medications for older adults. 

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